The 18 Best Pillows for Sitting Up in Bed: Reviews & Guide 2019

Using a sit up pillow is ideal for everyone. It strengthens the back muscles and also speeds the recovery period for the ailing users. It also increases comfort and minimizes the discomfort associated with sitting up for a long time.

There are many types of back support pillows; of which some can be attached to the seat with elastic straps while others are firm enough to support you without the straps.  Finding the ideal pillow is a must, and thus we’ve come up with a list of the best pillows you can use.

Top Pillows For Sitting Up In Bed

Milliard sit up a pillow

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It’s a good idea to spend a quiet afternoon relaxing on your bed. It’s even better when you use a milliard shredded reading pillow, which is excellent for relaxation, elevating legs and arms, easing backaches and much more. The pillow has soft but firm armrests, hence you can use it when taking your morning tea, or watching your favorite movie.

It is stuffed with plastic pellets, which are grainy to enhance comfortability. It has a flat sturdy base which you can use to keep it on the ground when playing video games.

Husband Sit Up pillow

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You have not yet known serenity if you haven’t used the Husband pillow! It’s the type of pillow which can cuddle you while you drift to dreamland, leaving you more energized and refreshed. It is designed with a firm and sturdy back, with generous dimensions, to support your head, neck, and lower back.

Additionally, it has fixed armrests where you can place your cup of tea or phone while resting on it. Its strong outer cover is zipped thus easy to remove and wash.

MittaGonG Backrest Reading Pillow

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With a back height of 21 inches and arm length of 12 inches, MittaGong is one of the larger than usual sit up pillows. It provides full cozy support for both arms and your back. Its material is filled with high-quality foam with soft padding.

It has a carry handle which makes it easy to move it around, as well as a side pocket to keep your items. The cover is easy to remove. Thus you can soft clean or wash with the machine.

Cheer Collection Foam Filled Sit Up A Pillow

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With shredded memory foam, the cheer collection pillow can be used for multiple purposes including watching TV, reading or just talking over the phone. It is a cervical bolster pillow which cradles your back and neck, and also reduces the back pains.

It is an extra large pillow, filled with 2700g of shredded foam for extra comfort. It includes a removable zip which makes cleaning easy.

Save&Soft Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow

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Want to surprise your dear ones with a unique gift? Get them this product and let them forget about back pains forever. It is a comfortable and ergonomic U shaped pillow which can be used by everyone. It has an anti-slip cover on the coccyx memory foam which makes it more firm when using. Additionally, it comes with a free eBook showing how you can use it to get rid of insomnia for a sound sleep.

Keen Edge Home Shredded Foam Pillow

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With dense shredded foam for maximum comfortability, Keen Edge pillow is made up of a 100% vanilla fabric which is soft but firm. It’s lightweight, hence easy to carry around and flexible to keep it on other body parts apart from the back. For instance, you can place it on your thighs or shoulders.

The pillow comes vacuum sealed, and hence it may take up to 48 hours before it expands fully. It is machine washable in both hot and cold water.

WOWMAX PP Triangular Wedge Pillow

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This is an extra soft pillow which provides maximum comfort and back support while reading or watching the TV on the bed. It has a detachable pillowcase and Upholstered headboard with a removable cover. It’s large enough thus it can be used by up to three people, especially children. Additionally, it’s hypoallergic with premium skin friendly polyester filling.

Blue Denim Bed Rest Pillow

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Make a comfy spot for chatting with your friends, reading, watching or sleeping using this washed denim sit up pillow. You can use it on bed, couch or even o the floor since it features a firm base which stands on its own. It’s made of a 100% cotton material, has carry handle for smooth movement, and can be spot cleaned using a soft wet cloth. It comes in blue color.

Faux Fur Backrest Pillow

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The Faux Fur sit up cushion is ideal for sitting up on the bed while playing video games, reading, watching or sleeping. It is generously filled with memory foam for comfort and has a carry handle for easy transporting.

It’s made with a 100% polyester material and durable outer cover which provides maximum back support. The neck roll pillow is well attached to a cord which can be used to extend the pillows height to fit different people.

Arlee Suede Oversized Bedrest Lounger

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This is a tall and wide backrest suitable for everybody and mostly the adults. The extra large backrest provides support to the head and well as the lower waist, and it’s therefore for the adults with severe or mild back pains.

It has a comfortable holding handle used when moving it from one room to another. Spot clean only. Its cover is made of 100% polyester which is filled with a mixture of fibers and virgin polyester made from the repurposed plastic containers for ideal support.

WalterDrake Backrest Pillow

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WalterDrake is a large and firm back support pillow with sturdy armrests for comfort while reading, watching, and knitting and relax on bed or couch. It comes in four primary colors and sizes, and it’s, therefore, suitable for adults, teens, and small kids.

The pillow is made of high-quality Faux Suede polyester which should only be spot cleaned. With a height of 14 inches, this backrest pillow provides maximum support for both the back and the neck.

ZOEMO Bed Rest Pillow

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The ZOEMO pillow offers an outstanding back, arms and neck support with its specially reinforced cushion. It is not only suitable for the daily relaxing, but it’s also perfect for back therapies and pregnancy care. It is made with a highly resilient cushion cover which is not only soft but also skin friendly.

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, it comes with a three-year warranty. About cleaning, use a soft cloth to spot clean.

YESINDEED XL Reading Pillow

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Make your Bedrest more enjoyable with this super quality pillow. It is ultra absorbent, machine washable and stuffed with shredded memory foam for comfort. It doesn’t separate or clump inside the outer cover, and thus it gently pads your joints and muscles as you adjust to different angles while using it.

It is the best pillow to use when you are exhausted, like when you have had a busy day, or when your back hurts.

OlymFits Travel Pillow

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The specially designed OlymFits is a travel pillow which brings you a relaxed feeling, whether you at home on your bed, your car, plane or even in your office. It is made with excellent quality latex materials which fit well in any body part. Since it is made from Latex, it is unwashable, but the pillow cover is zippered and can be removed anytime and washed.

Additionally, it has adjustable ropes which you can use to either fasten or loosen on your seat when traveling.

JL Home Collection Shredded Pillow

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This is a queen size pillow made from 40% rayon original Bamboo, and 60% brushed microfiber. It contains premium shredded memory foam which pads your back well. JL is resistant to dust mites, molds and mildew and thus it’s the best choice for the users who have asthma and other respiratory issues like allergies.

Its soft outer material is breathable and odor free and its softness is designed to align well on your spine and neck to help you relax well.

DormCo Bedrest Textured Sit Up Pillow

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The High impact versatile beddings start with Byourbed. This Bedrest enclosed in a textured outer cover which is firm enough to support the back and neck. With a height of 15 inches and a length of 28 inches, the pillow is large enough to accommodate different sizes of people.

It’s lightweight and has a carry handle which makes it easy to move it from one place to another. Not machine washable but can be wiped with a soft cloth.

Hippih Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow

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Looking for an ideal sit up a pillow to use while traveling? Hippih is an affordable and high-quality Bedrest which you can rely on. It is designed with a super cozy plush on it’s both sides which creates double comfort. It is extra soft; the outer cover is made of feather-soft microfibers for maximum comfortability while traveling.

It helps to relieve fatigue and neck pain when at work or traveling. It’s U-shaped and foldable to fit in your travel bag well.

Drive Medical Folding Wedge

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If you are looking for a pocket-friendly sit up pillow which will provide outstanding back support, you should consider the Drive medical folding. It is firm, and easy to store since it can be folded into two parts. It helps in relieving back and neck pains, pregnancy discomfort heartburns and respiratory congestions.

It has a convenient grip which helps to move it from one to place to another, and it’s also light with a weight of 2 pounds.  To clean, use a wet cloth to wipe the outer cover.

In conclusion, there are many sit up pillows which you can buy. Some are firm while others are cozier, and it’s therefore upon you to choose according to your preferences. You can select a firm pillow for the elderly as well as the small children. On the other hand, pick a polyester filled pillow for relaxing or chilling when watching a TV. These pillows also make excellent gifts for children, working people, travelers, and book lovers.

Buying Guide: Why Do You Need A Sit Up A Pillow And What Should You Consider When Buying?

A sit up pillow for comfort

You need a sit up pillow if you like relaxing on your bed watching Netflix shows, reading, gaming, or even chatting over your phone. The pillow will not only make you feel more comfortable but will also get rid / minimize the soreness and stiffness associated with sitting up for an extended period.

While selecting the best sit up pillow for comfort, consider the texture, firmness and the size. You can then look at the material that you find more comfortable; warm fleece, plush shaggy cover, smooth and soft microfiber, etc.

Finally, look at the extra attributes that you might like the pillow to have. For instance, there are some brands which include a side pocket, while others have excellent neck support.

A sit up pillow for medical reasons

There are many medical conditions which may require a person to have an extended period of Bedrest. The common ones include a sensitive or complicated pregnancy, recuperation period after curative surgery, or certain types of illnesses.

It’s frustrating to be confined in bed especially when you are not used to that since even the human body is not designed to stay in the same position. Sitting in bed for a long time without support might cause due to pressure on the spine, the coccyx or the lumbar region and affect the nerves.

A sit up pillow can provide relief to those conditions and also relieve backpack pains for the elderly. While purchasing a sit up pillow for this purpose, first consult your doctor to help you select the best. Additionally, your provider can help you make better decisions. However, don’t forget to consider the size, the material, warranty, breathability and of course the affordability. Hopefully, our guide of the best picks will also help you make an informed decision.

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