The 20 Best Pillows for Reading & Watching TV in Bed 2019

Research by the National Sleep Foundation revealed those adults between 26 and 65 years should spend at least eight-hour sleeping, or resting on the beds. Other studies have also indicated that nearly 40% of Americans don’t get enough rest, an act which has contributed to chronic sleep debt; a condition which fatigues the brain.

When not sleeping. Most people enjoy spending time on the beds. As long as the rest doe not interfere with your bedtime schedule, the bed is an ideal place to relax while reading a book, watching your favorite movie or even talking over the phone. However, you might experience some heights of discomfort if you sit or sleep too much without back support. So, if you either confined to a bed for either medical reasons or leisure, it’s essential to use a pillow to enhance your back support.

There are different types of pillows, which differ in sizes, uses among other things. To help you in making the best decision, we’ve listed the top 20 reviews of the best pillows which you can go for. Check them out.

Pillows for Both Watching TV and Reading

Brentwood Originals Brushed Twill Bedrest

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Specifically designed to provide full support to your back and head, this pillow is pretty comfortable when reading or when watching your favourite TV show. It is made using durable materials which do not sag easily.

Also, it is fixed with the right amount of fillings to provide maximum support when using a laptop or reading.

Its versatility combines well with its portability since it features a firm carry handle. The armrest is well designed to increase comfortability and support. As for the cleaning, you simply need to use a soft cloth to spot clean it. If you are breastfeeding, this is an ideal option for you since the back is long enough to support you well.

InteVision Foam Wedge Bed Pillow

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Ranked as one of the most efficient and popular pillows, InteVision is the best option for various problems like snoring, allergies, curved spine and acid reflux. You can also use it if you are having foot elevation problems, poor circulation or neck problems.

It has two upper layers which provide support and comfort at the same time. It’s pretty breathable since t is designed with built-in channels between the base foam and the top memory foam layer. Be ready to use this pillow for a long time since it’s highly durable and is machine washable.

The SmartSLANT Bed Wedge

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Specifically recommended and designed by Italian doctors, this wedge pillow helps in relieving pressure point pains and aches. It is quite affordable as compared to the other wedges and is broad enough to cover most parts of the back. It’s lightweight, thus easy to carry around.

This bamboo wedge pillow is made of a hypoallergic cover, which does not only guarantee hygiene but also prevents excess heat from getting into your body. The cover is easy to remove, meaning that you can either spot clean it or use a washing machine.

Pillowflex Synthetic Down Pillow

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Looking for an affordable pillow that you can place under your sham? This high-quality synthetic pillow might be ideal for you. It is specifically designed to keep under the shams. It is made from faux polyester and a hypoallergic material which prevents allergens and other dirt materials from getting in it.

Pillowflex is exceptionally light and soft. Thus you can comfortably buy it for your children or the aged. It can also be used for other indoor activities like decorating and craft ideas.

Vercart Sofa Bed Large Filled Triangular Wedge Cushion Bed

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With a proper backrest positioning system, this is a wedge cushion bed like a pillow which provides a firm surface for lying on when watching the TV or reading in bed. It is made of high-quality PP cotton which makes it quite bouncy. It stays for several minutes before regaining its original shape once you stand.

Its design is excellent, with a curve which fits your waist well to relieve you from the lumbar pressure. Also, the pillow is incredibly fluffy and soft and includes sideways pockets. The cover is zipped, meaning that you can remove the upper cover when you want to clean it.

Halovie Triangle Support pillow

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This is a triangle shaped support pillow which can either be used when reading or watching the TV. It’s small in size and does not have the armrest. Thus it only supports the lower back. It is designed with a sideway pocket where you can store your remote or pens.

Made with high-quality pearl wool, the pillow is super comfortable, and you will often find yourself drifting off when using it. It has an outer zip, so you can either spot clean it or use a machine. It’s available in many colours.

Reflex Support Waterproof Wedge Pillow

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This high-quality wedge pillow makes reading and watching the TV much more fun. You can either decide to place it on one of its sides and use it like you are sitting upright, or put it on its base to incline on it in a sleeping g position.

Reflex is a large pillow hence its suitable for those who enjoy lounging it. In fact, it can be used by two or more people. Using it reduces snoring and other respiratory issues.

It is made of high quality fabric, and you can place it under the mattress to change your angle. Above all, it is waterproof.

V-Shaped Hometexstyle Support Pillow

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If you only need a pillow to support your back or neck only, then this pillow won’t disappoint you. It is small in size, hence highly flexible such that you can change it to any part of your back that you need to support. It is soft but firm enough to offer maximum support.

Other than using it on your back, you can fold it and place it on your side s when reading a book or watching a TV. It’s small in size and therefore easy to move from one couch/bed to another.

Pillow for Watching TV in Bed

BedLounge Classic

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As suggested by the name, its comfortability s compared to bringing the lounge into the bedroom. The pillow is used as the lounge in the top of the chair, thus providing support, headrest and armrest. It’s fairly sized. Hence it can be used by both adults and children. The covers are removable and washable, soft and firm enough for maximum support.

It has a solid frame inside which is covered by layers of cushions to offer the best support to the elbows and shoulders.  BedLounge was initially designed by doctors thus its one of the best pillows for people who occasionally experiences backaches. The USA made pillow comes in 16 different colours.

Brookstone Bed Wedge 4 in 1

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Brookstone is designed with a high-density material cushioned with memory foam to provide medium support which you can sink in. With four main available options; you can select the shape of your choice or organize the pillow in any form to fit in different angles.

The foam is covered by a non-removable soft beige material which can only be cleaned through spot cleaning. The various shapes can also be used to elevate legs and for GERD. Brookstone pillows are quite large thus provide maximum support to the head and back.

Brentwood Shagalicious Bedrest

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Available in all sizes, the Brentwood pillows are more of firm regular pillows other than the couch pillows. The pillow is well designed with firm armrests to hug your back and support your elbows when watching your TV. For convenience, the pillow has a handle at the upper part where you hold when moving it from one couch/bed to another.

The handle also provides extra support. It has a flat base making it possible to use it even when placed down on the floor. Its cover is made up of soft chenille like materials with cute and bright colours, which makes it beautiful and suitable for children. Although it’s not washable, you can use a soft cloth to spot clean it.

Brentwood Originals Poodle Bedrest

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If you like bright pillows, then this is the pillow you should consider since the pillows are only available in four bright colours. They are well designed to provide maximum support to the back, and arms. The poodle pillow has a carrying handle meaning it’s easy to move it around, and you can easily use it on the floor.

The pillows have a relatively small size hence they are perfect for people with less than 5 inches tall. They are incredibly soft and comfortable, cute looking and sturdy. The cover is pretty thick to support your back well and warm you up.

Kenmont Luxury Support Pillow

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If you are looking for a luxurious pillow providing full back support, then this is what you need. It wraps you entirely just like an armchair, hence providing you with the best posture while watching a TV on your bed. It is designed with soft, high-quality cotton with excellent touch on your skin.

Also, it has plump fillings which help to retain its shape for some time meaning you will just sink into it while watching your favorite movie. It features a carry handle which makes its transportation much easy. About the colors, Kenmont pillows are available in all colours hence it’s up to you to choose your best.

Aidapt Foam Wedge Pillow

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Wedge style pillows never disappoint when it comes to providing support. In fact, you can fall asleep on it! Aidapt works best when you have mounted your TV on the wall, and you intend to watch your program in a sleeping position. Its wedge is good for the users who suffer from various sleeping problems including snoring and acid reflux since it reduces their occurrences.

You can also keep the wedge below your mattress if you wish to elevate your body while sleeping on the mattress. Its cover is removable and even machine washable.

Pillows for Reading

Brentwood Home Pfeiffer Therapeutic Wedge

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Unlike most pillows, this one doesn’t have a fancy shape or support arms. However, it is the best option for reading since it provides firmer support. You can also flip it down and use it for GERD, or use it is an upper-body raiser to avoid snoring. It is covered with a removable and washable soft knit cover as well as a cooling gel layer which prevents you from becoming excessively sweaty.

With a height of 24 inches, it’s able to support the whole back although you can still top it up with a pillow if you want to raise your head a little bit. There are three different size options that you can choose depending on how high or low you would like it to be.

LinenSpa Shredded Foam Reading Pillow

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LinenSpa resembles the Shagalicios although it has shredded memory foam placed inside the pillow to offer firm support. Although it’s not as firm as the Pfeiffer, it is an ideal pillow for the users who don’t like slightly firm and slightly fluffy pillows. An outstanding feature of this reading pillow is that you don’t need a gel layer to stay cool since it has incredible ventilation.

It also has an 18-inch long carry handle that you can still use to support your back. Its foam doesn’t keep smells as compared to the fluffy one hence it lasts for an extended period. The cover is not removable but can be soft cleaned.

Lavish Home Down Alternative Reading Wedge

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This is a reasonably cheap pillow with a removable and washable upper cover. The package contains different pads which look more of grown-up couch pillows. It has a simple wedge design which can also be used for sleeping to assist with the GERD issues.

The cover is topped up with a polyester fluff material which makes it better than the standard pillows. More to that, the filling is hypoallergic and its therefore wholly safe to be used by the small kids.

Z Foam Filled Reading Pillow

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This comfortable and bouncy pillow is designed with shredded foam blend which creates nice and soft support when reading. It is filled with 100% polyurethane foam hence the pillow stays for nearly 24 hours before it regains originally. Z Foam is quite bouncy, easy to mould, and the arms are well padded for comfortability.

The pillows cover made from bamboo blend cloth with a silky touch. It is breathable and also dissipates your body heat efficiently. To clean it, use a mild detergent and a soft fabric to wipe off the dirt.

Majestic Home Goods Links Reading Pillow

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Although its upper cover is filled with fun patterns, it offers more than what’s meets the eyes. It is soft, yet it manages to provide the required support to your neck, shoulders and back. It is filled with a recycled polyester fiber which enables it to maintain its good shape for an extended period. You can also mould it in different angles, according to your comfort needs.

The cover features a zippered slipcover with U.V protection of up to 1000 hours. The zipper also makes it easy to do the cleaning. This USA made pillow has well-padded armrests which provide comfort to everyone including those who have just come from surgery.

Relaximals Owl Kids Reading Pillow

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This is specifically made for kids. The pillow is designed like an owl thus other than supporting the kid’s back when they are reading, it also adds to the cuteness of the kid’s room. The pillow is also an excellent gift idea. It is lightweight and is made using soft chenille which is super curly. It also comes with armrests for more comfort.  The wavy design helps it to maintain its softness for an extended period as compared to the other pillows.

Facts You Should Know About Pillows

Investing in the right type of pillow is a sensible decision; as it helps in fixing several pains and aches which could have resulted in a more significant health issue. For this reason, always make sure you replace the old pillows which no longer give you enough comfort.

When buying, check out for the material, thickness and above all make sure that the price won’t make you break a bank.  Also, test the pillow first before you purchase to make sure that it suits you well.

It’s also advisable to ask your healthcare provider about the best pillow for you or your child. If you still experience back pains and aches after replacing your pillow, seek immediate medical attention as there could be an underlying problem.

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