10 Best Sunscreen For Melasma: Reviews & Guide 2019

People do tend to have various facial issues. It can be hair, skin tone, allergies or even cancer. One of the problems that change the overall beauty of face includes melasma. Melasma is one of the conditions where a person starts to have brown patches on their skin. People with white complexion can lose their face beauty way more than another skin type.

Though it won’t be an issue if people having this problem would apply medical lotions. There are various lotions in the market; they have different ranges over their broad-spectrum covering. Most significant sunscreen lotions contain SPF concentration, which would cover melasma issue within weeks.

Some Of The Most Effective Sunscreen For Melasma Includes

Al Roche-Posay Anthelios Sunscreen

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The total block is one of the creams that tops in high class. It has an SPF level of 50, which makes it effective enough to work in any environment and under any circumstance. It is applied usually at nighttime to work best as it can work quicker. Usually takes 4 weeks to show changes over the patched area. It would change each and every single cell, which has changed its shape over time.

People who have a problem applying cream in public areas wouldn’t have to worry much as it contains zero fragrance and is best withholding itself in one place. It can stay firm even in water conditions, whether its raining or you are sweating this cream will make sure that it would stay strong on the applied area.

EltaMD UV Clear Tinted Facial Sunscreen Broad-Spectrum SPF 46, 1.7 oz

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If someone is having issues with sensitive skin along with melasma then this is the right choice for them. ELTAMD designs its products in a way that works best against harmful UV rays. Due to its concentration setup of sensitive skin, it does provide an edge to people have allergy issues.

The formula is made of niacinamide, hyaluronic acid that keeps on the refreshing skin. Due to this process, dead skin cells never stay on the top. Skin always looks fresh and tidy. Everyone wants a glowing skin as it reflects beauty.

Obagi Sun Shield Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen

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This amazing broad-spectrum tinted cream would help greatly against UVB and UV rays. It is hypoallergenic and contains no fragrance. It nourishes the skin to react against harmful rays and protect them through IR protection. This IR protection would work against heat-derived areas on the skin. The SPF 50 protection is effective enough to show results within 3 to 5 weeks.

It should be applied at least 2 times per day to see significant changes. The reaction works in oxidizing the affected skin pallet. The skin cells are removed with the fresh ones when they get the appropriate amount of oxygen.

Obagi Sun Shield Matte Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen, 3 oz.

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Obagi Company is best at producing these amazing broad-spectrum sunscreens against melasma. They can reach these skin cells, which have lost their shape and have died. These dead cells are oxidized and replace with the new ones. It takes around 6 weeks to show any significant changes. This cream needs to be applied at least once a day.

Make sure that you apply it when you have washed their face. This sunscreen works effectively against UVB rays, which are the main cause of melasma. Melasma if not treated can turn out to be cancerous or even permanent patch. It contains zinc oxide and octinoxate. It is PABA-free and doesn’t have any fragrance.

Replenix UltiMATTE Perfection SPF 50+, 1.6 Oz

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This sunscreen would be great for all those people who have oily skin tone and have the issue of melasma. People usually apply cream during nighttime but most forget to do it and apply it during their working hours. Due to no fragrance, this cream can be put on anytime. It would hold oily texture off and would always give a fresh and glowing skin.

This sunscreen has the broad-spectrum range and can work best against UVB rays. This would also hold harmful rays to avoid any cancerous development. Sunscreen works best against melasma when it replaces DE shaped skin cells with the fresh ones. Though it takes around six weeks to show significant changes. People should apply this cream at least once a day.

Water Resistant Zinc Oxide Sunscreen

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People finding melasma issue in other parts of the body can use this sunscreen. It should be applied twice a day to ensure significant changes. This sunscreen contains broad-spectrum coverage, which would make it effective enough to fight against harmful UV rays. SPF range is 45, which is highly recommended by medical doctors.

Due to zinc oxide formula, it works best against dead skin cells. It can be utilized in water as well as it would take 80 minutes to get off in water. People referring to water sports can use this sunscreen. It has dry nature and would never go in your eyes in water, certainly, it is an ideal cream for athletes.

Olay Complete Daily Defense All Day Moisturizer With Sunscreen SPF30 Sensitive Skin, 2.5 fl. Oz

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Melasma is well cured when a person keeps on moisturizing his skin. Melasma occurs when skin is dry and it keeps on getting dryer. In order to prevent that Olay all day moisturizer sunscreen is the best. It has the power of 30 SPF and covers broad-spectrum range to fight against harmful UV rays.

You can wear this sunscreen at any time of the day and it would stay on unless you wash your face. It oxidizes dead cells from skin and replaces them quickly with fresh ones. This process takes around 6 weeks to show significant changes but it is a definite “yes” for melasma patients.

MDSolarSciences Mineral Crème Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen

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MD solar science designed this cream to work specifically against skin tone related issues. It automatically fits in for melasma. It works against dead cells, which have changed their shape and color with time. It happens with dryness and more exposure to the sun.

The formula is made of comedogenic and hypoallergenic concentration, which makes it suitable enough to blend in with silk touch; this cream has a very lightweight and wouldn’t feel like on the skin. With no fragrance quality, it comes at the top level at socializing events.

MyChelle Sun Shield Liquid Tint SPF 50 in Nude

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As the title says it all, people who have any sorts of issue related to their skin can apply this cream to work against melasma issue. Its nude color would make it blend with the skin tone. Females who have issues with makeup can use this cream to easily blend with their style. Its SPF power of 50 makes it broad-spectrum to works against UVB and UV rays.

This oil-free zinc oxide would replace skin cells, which have deformed with time and changed their color. This property makes the skin glowing and freshens it on regular basis. This cream has to be applied properly at least twice a day and it would show significant changes within 6 weeks.

Fallene Cotz Plus SPF 58 Water Resistant UVB/UVA Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin

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Fallen Cotz works best for people who have oily skin or have aging skin. They can work out in different circumstances and is very effective against harmful UV rays. Its non-comedogenic content makes it easier to wash from the face. Its PABA free and have no fragrance. Due to this property, this can apply to any event or gathering.

It is best for oily skin and also recommended sensitive skins. It is recommended as one of the best cream, which works against UVB rays. It has to be applied properly once a day to see changes in 5 to 6 weeks. It would replace dead skin cells with the fresh ones by oxidizing them.


What I would recommend to our readers is that you people should know your skin type before you even think about buying any skin product. There are numerous products in the market but always go on trusted websites for online buying. Always try products, which are recommended by your physician and most importantly these products must have guaranteed, or at least a strong brand image.

There is different sunscreen for melasma and you should always keep alternate options. Sunscreen in a higher class is expensive but they do have a strong impact on your skin. Try different creams to settle for one.

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