10 Best Sunscreen For Bald Heads: Reviews & Guide 2019

Are you starting to lose your hair? Did you just grab your hair clippers and just decided to support a full bald? I understand that thinning hair can be one of the most stressful changes a person has to experience. After all, our hair does add beauty to our personality.

So, I have gathered the best sunscreen for bald heads to make sure that you are getting protected from the sun’s heat without having worry about not being able to enjoy your daily activities.

Are you excited to know which products made it to my list? Then please keep on reading below.

Top Sunscreen For Bald Heads

EltaMD SPF 47 UV Pure Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen

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Here’s sunscreen that delivers broad spectrum protection and is ideal for day-to-day use on your bald head. This physical sunscreen protects you through its main ingredients of titanium dioxide (5.5%) and zinc oxide (10%). This sunscreen is non-comedogenic and is free from any harmful ingredients like parabens, gluten, hormones, dyes, oils or fragrances.

It is safe and gentle enough for those with sensitive skin as well as for those vulnerable areas such as the bald spots; this sunscreen will not cause to any irritation to your already exposed scalp. The lightweight formula is easy to apply and stays on the skin for 80 minutes in water.

Beach Defense Water Sunscreen By Neutrogena

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The word says it all for the people. It is the best-recommended lotion by general physicians for all those people who go to the beach on sunny days. It works wonder for bald people who have more skin exposed. They can easily apply this lotion who would cover their skin with a broad spectrum. It contains specialty up to 50 SPF.

Due to its sticking power, it would grasp on sea water and would not go off easily. It is best for any skin type and would have no skin reactions. It is highly effective for people who are more prone towards skin cancer.

Think sport Sunscreen SPF 50+

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This SPF 50+ sunscreen by think sport offers a strong protection that makes sure you will have the right amount of coverage all through the day. Provides great balance to people having skin burning issues. This sunscreen is also free from PABA, parabens, and phthalates, which makes it ideal for everyday use.

We can really be sure that this sunscreen is of excellent quality and it is even the first sunscreen to qualify the requirements of the Whole Foods premium care. We can really trust that think sport is safe to use as they strictly adhere to FDA guidelines. Its easy application is a great comfort for users.

California Baby Super Sensitive SPF 30+ Sunscreen

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I know this is not the first sunscreen that will come to your mind when you are looking for something that will protect your bald head, but you should not underestimate this product, it is a solid choice.

Baby super delivers broad-spectrum protection by using an active ingredient which is the titanium dioxide (12%). It has been specially formulated for those who have very sensitive skin, this means that this product can safely protect your vulnerable scalp. This sunscreen is also PABA-free, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.

Bee Bald Smooth Plus Daily Moisturizer 30 SPF

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This lotion is for those people who already have oily skin tone. They find issues with lotions who would irritate their skin and finally turning it to rash. Many people face pimple issues when high lubricant lotion is applied on the oily skin. Though this spray lotion is best for these bald people having oily skin.

They can apply it with one puff and it would spread easily over their head. High class and non-greasy lotion have a non-pore clogging formula. Works best for sensitive skin and protect skin from cancer.

Vanicream Sunscreen SPF 30

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This physical sunscreen delivers broad-spectrum protection by using active ingredients like titanium oxide (3.4%) and zinc oxide (6%). Dermatologists highly recommend this sunscreen to those with sensitive skin due to its gentle formula, making it a safe choice for your bald head.

This is also non-comedogenic and is free from fragrance, gluten, oil, PABA, and parabens. It will cause irritation to your tender scalp even if you will be using it every day. It has a water resistance of up to 80 minutes, so just like the sunscreens I mentioned above, this will give you the guarantee that the sunscreen will not move when you start to sweat or when you get exposed to water.

All Good SPF 30 Sports Sunscreen Lotion

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This amazing cream is best for sports addict. They can apply this cream to any water sports and still, it would work best for them. This lotion contains UVA/UVB broad-spectrum protection that is free from GMO, oxybenzone, and vegan.

Lotion can work effectively for people who have problems with skin tone turning colors. This would keep the outer layer of head same and would stop UV rays to damage skin. Works effectively for skin cancer protection and is highly recommended by medical physicians.

Anthony’s Day Cream

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With SPF level of 30 plus this cream is a great addition for high-class sunscreen protection. This works in daylight and fights against UV rays. Usually in winters skin starts to get dry and would leave more chances to skin cancer when exposed in sunlight. Its heavy protection moisturizes the skin up to decent level and shields it from UV rays. This is highly recommended to people with dry skin and has problems keeping up with moisturizing levels.

Avene’s Hydrating Sunscreen

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An amazing product for bald people having skin burning issues. Well, everybody likes to go in the sun and get nice vitamin D., unfortunately, exposing directly to the sun can cause skin burn but with this ultra-hydrating lotion, bald people can say no to burning.

With the content level of 50 plus SPF, it has a powerful concentration of vitamins, titanium oxide, and zinc oxide. Due to its sticky power, it becomes effective in all sorts of nature and puts a long-lasting effect.

BADGER SPF 35 Sport Sunscreen

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Here is another excellent choice of sunscreen to get your bald head protected from the sun. This physical sunscreen delivers broad-spectrum protection through its highly concentrated active ingredient of zinc oxide (20%). It has a simple formula which is incredibly efficient and gentle enough on sensitive skin, making this product an ideal choice for people with bald heads.

This sunscreen is also free from any harmful chemical ingredients and is fragrance-free. It is only composed of 5 total ingredients like sunflower Vitamin E, organic jojoba oil, organic beeswax, organic sunflower oil and zinc oxide. This short list of ingredients only means that it is safe enough to use every day and you will less likely experience any irritation even if you have the most sensitive scalp. Shows great resistance to water for at least eighty minutes.

Using Sunscreen On Your Head Certainly Has Great Advantages

1. It will help you prevent skin cancer

Do you know that your head is more susceptible to getting skin cancer compared to your face? Yes, you heard it right, so don’t ignore the sunscreen. If you’re going outdoors, I suggest you cover up with a hat or sit in the shade. If you’re after for a sun-kissed look, just make sure you are doing it gradually.

2. The sun will dry out your skin

If you think the skin on top of your head is much thicker the other part of your body, then you are wrong. The skin in your head is stretched, so it is much thinner. This only means that it is more susceptible to burning.

3. The last thing you want for your bald head is snowflake dandruff

When your bald head gets burned it will start to peel and will end up looking like huge dandruff flakes and it does not look attractive at all! Remember that this will not last just for one day, but it will last for days until your head will start to develop a new layer of skin; but before this will happen, you will absolutely look like a snake shedding its skin, of course, this is something we don’t want to happen.


At the end it’s all about carrying yourself in the finest form. Wearing good, eating good and looking good takes effort and so does taking care of skin as well. For all those people who find issue for baldness and have problems such as burning and change in color can apply these sunscreens. These sunscreens are high end and with guarantee in scrutinizing skin related issues for bald people.

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