5 Best Sunscreen for Golfers – Reviews & Guide 2021

best sunscreen for golfers

Apparently we have no choice but to be outdoors in the sunshine when we play golf and worse, it takes about four hours to complete playing an18-hole round of golf. Well, I must say this is a lot of time to be out there, under the sun.

And if you will do this a few times a week, certainly your skin will be exposed to hours of damaging UV rays. Do this by just a few more years and your skill will definitely suffer from irreparable damage like age spots, premature wrinkles and skin cancer.

Of course, this is something we don’t want to happen. So in this article I’ve rounded up five of the best sunscreen for golfers that will help you protect yourself against the heat of the sun. Please keep on reading below.

Top Choices Of Sunscreen For Golfers

BADGER SPF 35 Sport Sunscreen

BADGER SPF 35 Sport Sunscreen

This physical sunscreen that delivers broad spectrum protection is just simply amazing. I know you’ve probably noticed that this SPF 35 from BADGER has always been on top of my recommendation.

First of all, this product has been certified to be 98% organic and 100% natural. But what’s even better is that it uses only five ingredients, these are sunflower vitamin E, jojoba oil, beeswax, sunflower oil and of course, there’s zinc oxide (22.5%) for a maximum protection. By combining all these ingredients, this sunscreen can now deliver all of the much-needed features to be one of the best product in the market.

The short list of ingredients that are all-natural makes this sunscreen a highly recommended skincare to those golfers with sensitive skin. It’s great to know what ingredients you are really putting on your skin, rest assured that there are no hidden or difficult to identify ingredients so it is very unlikely for this sunscreen to cause you skin-irritation. Moreover, this sunscreen is also non-nano, biodegradable, coral reefs-safe, making it environmentally friendly

The highly concentrated zinc oxide it used is very impressive too in providing fantastic, well-balanced UV protection. However, this made the formula a little bit thick so you will need a lot of patience to spread the product. Since this physical sunscreen can’t be absorbed by the skin like a chemical sunscreen, it will also leave your skin with a white cast. Other users might get turned off by this, but I guest this is the price you have to pay for high-quality sun protection.

Moreover, this is also a water resistant sunscreen that last for up to 80 minutes. We can be guaranteed that it won’t move during your round of golf, there will be no sunscreen that will get into your eyes. I’d also like to note that this product does not use artificial fragrance, however you might notice a slight smell similar to oatmeal, this is because of the antioxidant-rich sunflower it used as a base; but this natural fragrance is not bothersome at all.


  • It contains highly concentrated active ingredient
  • It uses simply formula with natural ingredients
  • It is water resistant for up to 80 minutes


  • It comes in a thick formula that takes time to spread

EltaMD UV Physical Broad-Spectrum SPF 41 Sunscreen

EltaMD UV Physical Broad-Spectrum SPF 41 Sunscreen

This high-SPF sunscreen is another fantastic product that promise to deliver physical protection against UVA and UVB radiation by using zinc oxide (9%) as well as titanium dioxide (7%) as its active ingredients.

If you are someone who just hate the white cast most physical sunscreens leaves on skin, then I’m sure you would love this product. I highly recommend this cosmetic sunscreen to female golfers who would like to wear some light makeup to the golf course. This sunscreen has a transparent finish as well as a slight tint that has been designed to blend well with your skin tone and serves as an excellent base for your make up.

Its light tint works well in smoothening and brightening the skin tone. When you are using it with your make up, it will just blend seamlessly and even looks natural. But what’s great is that the tint can accommodate several skin tones. If you have darker skin colors and you notice that this sunscreen leaves you with an ashy look, don’t worry as it can be easily managed with the right foundation.

Anyway, this sunscreen is also free from oils and parabens, there are no fragrances added and has been designed for those with sensitive skin, we can be sure that it is gentle enough for everyday use even on your worst skin days. On top of this, this sunscreen also provides 40-minute water resistance, so there’s nothing to worry even if you heavily sweat from a round of golf.

I guess the only downside of this product is that it belongs to the expensive department, though I must say that it has been reasonably priced for its features and quality. So I suggest that you only use this as your face sunscreen to make it more reasonable then combine it with one of the other sunscreens on this list for body use. In this way, you will be able to reduce the cost while keeping your face free from any white coating that we can get from most physical sunscreens.


  • It is slightly tinted that blends well
  • It has been formulated for those with sensitive skin
  • It has a water resistance of up to 40 minutes


  • Lower levels of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide

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Thinksport Sunscreen SPF 50+

Thinksport Sunscreen SPF 50+

This amazing physical broad spectrum sunscreen features the highest marketable SPF rating at SPF 50+. Its thorough and well-balanced protection against the UVA and UVB has been made possible by using a high non-nano zinc oxide at 20%. This is another low-toxicity simple formula sunscreen that focus more on using natural ingredients.

Moreover, thinksport is a brand that advocates production of safe products, not only for its users but for the environment as well. You won’t find spray sunscreen from their line up or products with biologically harmful ingredients like oxybenzone. They are strictly following the FDA directives, so there’s no doubt when this product became the first sunscreen to qualify the premium care requirements of Whole Foods. This is also a highly recommended sunscreen by most dermatologists and is being widely used by pro athletes.

Anyway, this easy to apply sunscreen is packed with natural ingredients such as cranberry seed, raspberry seed, olive, jojoba and sunflower oil. This makes this sunscreen an excellent choice for golfers with sensitive skin who may react to chemical sunscreens that contain questionable ingredients.

It also has a water resistance of up to 80 minutes, so this will stay put no matter how you excessively sweat during a round of golf. It won’t also make you feel greasy or oily at all. Though it has this mild scent, there’s nothing to worry about it even if you have sensitive nose.

However, just like most physical sunscreens that are water-resistant, this product will also leave you with a little white cast. But don’t worry, this cast will fade during use.


  • It features high SPF rating
  • It is a great value for your money
  • It has reliable 80-minute water resistance


  • It comes with thick formula that tends to leave your skin with white cast

Goddess Garden Sport SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen

Goddess Garden Sport SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen

This physical sunscreen delivers broad spectrum protection by using both titanium dioxide (6.4%) and zinc oxide (6%) to make sure you are sound and safe under the sun, enjoying a round of golf. Now you probably wonder why this is on the lower part of the list, well this is because of the lower concentration of its physical active ingredients compared to ones I recommended above.

But don’t worry, this product has its own perks. For instance, it is one of the best natural product that is best-suitable for those who are vegans. Goddess Garden always keep in mind the safety of both users and the environment, so you really know that you are in the good hands. This sunscreen is biodegradable, non-GMO, non-nano, vegan, cruelty-free, glute-free, reef safe and the best of all, comes in a recyclable container.

This sunscreen also has sunflower seed oil and aloe vera content that are both certified to be organic. It is free from fragrances and does not have chemical sunscreens. These features make it an excellent for those golfers who have sensitive skin and is suffering from skin irritation. It is also 80-minute water resistant so it is very unlikely to get into your eyes or run off as you sweat.

However, though the brand claims to go on sheer, it also leaves a white cast since it is a physical sunscreen and features maximum water resistance. So just make sure you apply the product properly and reapply it as necessary.


  • It contains ingredients that are hydrating to the skin
  • It has water resistance of up to 80 minutes
  • It is a vegan product


  • It comes in a thick formula
  • It uses lower levels of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide

SKIN Sunscreen Golf SPF 30+ Lotion

SKIN Sunscreen Golf SPF 30+ Lotion

This hybrid sunscreen is a combination of physical and chemical sunscreen and uses titanium dioxide (1.0%), zinc oxide (1.95%), octisalate (3.0%), octocrylene (5.0%) and homosalate (5.0%) to deliver broad spectrum protection.

As its name says, this sunscreen has been specially designed by golfers to their fellow golfers. It features were particularly formulated to cater the needs of golfers as well as the golfing conditions. However, even if this is the only golf-specific sunscreen on this list, it comes in the last place because of the chemical active ingredients it used. So I am not recommending this product to those with sensitive skin, I suggest you stick with those purely physical sunscreens I mentioned above.

But on the good side, this sunscreen is highly recommended by most dermatologist for being free from oxybenzone, gluten, oils, paraben and PABA. It also has vitamin E, aloe vera and manuka honey content to make sure your skin remains hydrated for the entire day.

This sunscreen also has 80-minute water resistant that will prevent the lotion from sweating into and sting your eyes while you are playing. This sunscreen has been marketed for its ability to resist the effects of sweat even for extended duration, just what every golfers need throughout the 18 holes of action. This also comes in a non-greasy formula that prevents the product from meddling with your grip and badly affecting your game.

And since it is a combination of both physical and chemical sunscreen, some of its ingredients will be absorbed by the skin, leaving you with a more natural look and feel without any white cast left behind.


  • It has been created by golfers for fellow golfers
  • It comes in a non-greasy formula
  • It features water resistance of up to 80 minutes


  • It contains chemical ingredients


When it comes to success on the course, consistent practice and perseverance are the key. This same goes with sun protection! Make sure you practice it faithfully and you will be successful in lower your risk of skin cancer.

In addition to wearing sunscreen, I also suggest you wear sun protective clothing like long sleeves and long pants since they provide the greatest coverage. There are a lot of manufacturers today that creates sun protective clothing specifically designed for the golf course, we can be sure that they are lightweight, comfortable and game-appropriate.

Anyway, I hope you find this article helpful. If you still have any more questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to leave it in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you.

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