Can Albinos Dye Their Hair? The Long Awaited Real Answer Is Here

Can Albinos Dye Their Hair

Albinos are most often considered strange by the society because of the light colored pigmentation that they have, not only with their skin but also their hair.

This characteristic stand out from the crowd most of the time, but this does not always mean positive for them as some may get a bit uncomfortable by getting a lot of attention which is most often unnecessary and rude. The space that they need is often invaded a bit too much that it could be stressful, not to mention the false beliefs made by some people against them only adds up to the pressure.

This could be one of the many reasons why some may ask can albinos dye their hair. Well, let’s find out the answer!

Why Do It Anyway?

One obvious reason I could think of is that they have the right to do so! I’m sure they would love to try other hair colors as much as anyone does. One friend of mine who is also an albino, she resorted to the idea of hair dyeing because she just wants to blend into the crowd.

I am also a big supporter of Angel Stillman and it made me a strong believer that they do have the right to make a decision as to whether they would dye their hair or not.

They may call this as “passing” and they may frown upon it as not accepting the beauty of albinism but for me, it is embracing the beauty of albinism.

More On The Hearsays

The long-standing question can albinos dye their hair is met with unclear answers and most of these are on the wrong side. Some say that Albino hair doesn’t hold color pigment well and there are those that totally believe albinos cannot dye their hair because of the allergic reactions that will happen due to the extra sensitivity of their system. There are those who say that the hair dyes are not specifically made for albinos.

What really is the definite answer to this seemingly simple question? There are many speculations about albinos and most of these are not true. So before we really get to the bottom of this, let us explore albinism more and understand this condition before relating it to hair coloring.

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The Different Shades Of Albinism

According to the AAPOS or American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus, one in 17,000 albinism in varying types. The belief that albinism only affects African Americans false, as it affects all human races. The misconception that

Albinos are all white is unfortunately rampant. There are actually many types of Albinos, there are those that have very light blue eyes and white hair or others that have blonde hair and blue eyes. There are even those that have a normal hair color (brown, black) and light colored eyes. The albinism in that person might not be even that obvious, so let’s just stop that misconception about albinism, shall we? Now if you analyze this, the question if albinos ca dye their hair, can be answered with common sense.

And the answer is an absolute yes, it is very possible.

However, there are some things that you should keep in mind as an albino when you’re planning to dye your hair.

  • The dye’s color may become visibly stronger than what was expected. Since the dye is purposely made for hair with base color, you can expect the color from the dye will have a much bolder or brighter effect on your hair (all the better).
  • Don’t forget to dye your eyebrows and eyelashes. I’m sure you’ve already thought about this, just remindin​​​​g.
  • Watch for allergies and skin reactions. This is one enemy when an albino dyes their hair since our skin happens to be very sensitive to chemicals which would lead to a nasty skin irritation, therefore it pays to be careful. I use vegetable base dye as these are organic and the colors are lovely.

Product Testing

  • But to be sure you can opt for testing the product first. (Putting a small amount of the vegetable dye at the back of your ear and wait 48 hours for any skin reaction). Everyone’s personal favorite is the hair colorant by Naturtint because it is really gentle yet effective.
  • You know how delicate our hair near the eyes are (eyebrows) but this product didn’t make it hard. My friend uses Lime Crime for her hair and it got fabulous results so far.

Final Thought

So that’s it guys, albinos can also have fun with their hair. And when someone asks you the question can albinos dye their hair? Lead them to this article.

Don’t be shy to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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