How Long Do Cornrows Last And What Is The Best Way To Take Care Of It

How Long Do Cornrows Last And What Is The Best Way To Take Care Of It

Cornrows are cool and sexy until they’ve shown signs that they need to be put down.

I know you are quite hesitant to ask how long cornrows last, you might still be in denial by now. So here is the list of cues that tell you it’s time to say goodbye to your cornrows and say hello to a new updo.

When Must I Start Taking My Cornrows Down?

1.The Ends Of Your Hair Are Already Snapping

One of the certain signs that those cornrows need to be put down is when they no longer protect the ends of your hair as what their purpose entails. Hair breakage is one sure sign that your hair is already very dry (which is pretty common for cornrows).

2. Tangles Here And There

Cornrows continuously shed which results in detached hairs getting tangled and leads to icky matting. If you feel that your cornrows are having inconsistencies like bumps, then it is another sure sign that your hair is sick of the cornrows.

3. You’re Not Confident Of Your Cornrows Anymore

Women with protective hairstyles such as cornrows know that it takes discipline and focus to be able to maintain a chic yet difficult hairstyle which is why one of the good factors in having this hairstyle is to be confident and motivated.

However if it no longer serves its purpose of making you look good, then it’s time to ditch the hairstyle.

4. The Cornrows Are No Longer Retaining Moisture

Like everything, cornrows also have an end. If you have done all you can (using satin pillowcases, regular spritzing, and moisturizing) but your hair still feels dry then you need to let your locks free or else your hair will break and more damage will ensue.

5. Your Hair Is Already Growing Out

If the roots of your hair have grown out to half an inch, then it’s time to give your hair a break and detangle your newly grown locks.

6. Presence Of Lint And Build-Up Of Hair Products

Lint is never sexy so it’s better if you don’t have to wait around for this sign to come up, but if it does, then you really need to put your cornrows down as this indicates that your hair is no longer having the proper moisturizing but it only is accumulating dirt. Nobody wants dirty icky hair right?

Consider doing a closer inspection if you have hair extensions as this makes it harder to pinpoint any hair problem. Make sure you also know how to clean cornrows.

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Now, How Long Do Cornrows Last?

So the big question is, how long do cornrows last? Well, cornrows last at a span of 6-8 weeks but a well-maintained one lasts at a maximum of 12 weeks. There’s the answer to the question But know that there are essential things to do to keep your hair’s good health after putting your braids or cornrows down.

1. Detangle Your Hair Using Your Fingers

Do this gently; this is also a way for you to assess your hair’s strength. It may be effective to use a detangling brush or comb but this will make your hair susceptible to breaking and damage. The shea moisture raw shea butter extra-moisture detangler is a popular one for its detangling and moisturizing properties and for its five-star reviews on Amazon.

2. Detox Not Only Your Hair And Scalp

The most common mistake is forgetting to clarify their scalp after having cornrows taken down.  The scalp will have gathered much dirt with all the moisture and products being built that it would result in dandruff and itchiness. Or worse, fungal infections may happen.

3. Deep conditioning

This is a must since cornrows for a period of time will definitely lead to drier hair. Washing and detoxifying it, is not enough, and of course any other conditioner won’t be enough as well.

But just a gentle reminder, don’t leave conditioner to your hair overnight. You don’t want the chemicals to be seeping in through your scalp.

4. Allow Your Hair To Take A Break

After your hair is tucked under braids or cornrows, give your hair a breather by allowing it to be in its natural state for a week or even two weeks before putting on a new protective updo.

Final Thought

Now that you know how long do cornrows last, I hope you will do your best to properly maintain it to just at least extend its life. Like every hairstyles, cornrows come with several challenges too like resulting to dry, dull and frizzy hair. Of course, this is something we don’t want to happen.

Anyway, I hope this post really helps and if you have any clarifications and concerns, feel free to comment below.

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