Our goal is to leverage Saving Face as a pivotal tool in the campaign to end acid violence in Pakistan and beyond. As Co-Director Daniel Junge expressed, “the film must be more than an expose of horrendous crimes — it must be a recipe for addressing the problem and a hope for the future.”

Saving Face is uniquely positioned to advance awareness, education and prevention efforts. Global audiences are largely unaware of the scope of the problem and the populations most affected—women and children as well as the economically disenfranchised where illiteracy rates are high—do not have access to resources and services such as medical treatment or legal recourse. The film gives audience members a uniquely personal perspective on the issue and provides an understanding of the complexities involved in physical, emotional and psychological recovery from these brutal crimes. In addition, the film illuminates constructive paths to alleviating the phenomenon including the need for government action, both through legislation to criminalize acid attacks and legislation to require companies producing acid to adhere to corporate responsibility standards.

The Saving Face outreach plan combines:

  • Web and social media platforms to connect community members with information, resources and one another
  • Localized strategies for reaching those most at-risk for being affected, beginning in Pakistan through radio and television campaigns
  • Awareness, education and prevention-focused screenings and materials including pamphlets and a film viewer’s guide

We’re working in concert with our lead international partner, London-based NGO Acid Survivor’s Trust International (ASTI) as well as the Acid Survivor’s Foundation-Pakistan and Islamic Help. We’re consulting with surgeons, scholars, journalists, activists and other experts, some of whom have also agreed to join our emerging advisory team, in order to maximize the impact of our outreach work.

From joining our Facebook page to show your support, to hosting a screening to inform others, to donating to one of our partner NGOs working on the ground, to funding our outreach team’s work to produce new television and radio campaigns, there is much you can do. Please join us.

We hope you will Get Involved in the campaign to eradicate acid violence.

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