Shakeology vs Herbalife: Which Is The Best Meal Replacement

Shakeology vs Herbalife: Which Is The Best Meal Replacement

If you’re reading this article right now, you are most likely looking for the best weight-loss shake available today that’s worth your money. Most of all, you already have heard about Shakeology and Herbalife brand of healthy meal replacement shakes. But do you have any idea which brand wins out in the game of Shakeology vs Herbalife?

Well, in the industry of weight loss shake, I know you’ll agree with me that these two are the popular players and honestly, both have a fair share of supporters. So I guess it’s time for us to face off this two products and really find out which one is better or if they are just basically the same. Are you ready? Then keep on reading below!

Difference Between Shakeology And Herbalife

I know that they look very the same on the first look, but there’s actually a great deal of difference between Shakeology and Herbalife. Yes, both products can be a great source of minerals, vitamins and of course protein. There are even some extra benefits from ingredients like herbs, antioxidants, and fiber.

But let’s take a closer look at their differences. Let’s see how Shakeology vs Herbalife goes.

1. There’s A Huge Price Difference Between The Shakes

The first thing you will notice when comparing Shakeology and Herbalife will definitely be the price. Shakeology comes in at almost four times as much as Herbalife; it costs around $130 for 30 serving and take note that the manufacturer recommends consuming the shake two times a day.

While you can avail Herbalife for $36 with the same 30 servings. That’s is a great difference if you are on a tight budget.

2. What Do They Contain?

We need to thoroughly examine the ingredients and nutritional values in order to determine how each of the shake products will fare.

Nutrition of Shakeology

  • 70 whole food ingredients. This includes green super foods such as spirulina, wheat grass, sprouted quinoa, etc. that you will never find in any other shake. It also has phytonutrients that can make your body quickly and efficiently absorb all the vitamins and nutrients.
  • Good sources of dietary fibers
  • Fruits and herbs
  • Various vitamins and minerals

One serving of Shakeology can equal to 140 calories with 3 grams of dietary fiber and 16 grams of protein.

Nutrition of Herbalife

  • Various vitamins and minerals. This includes vitamin C, D, E as well as zinc, magnesium, selenium, etc.
  • Fiber content. Its source of fiber content is cellulose powder and psyllium husk.

Each serving of Herbalife can equal to 90 calories with 3 grams of dietary fiber and 9 grams of protein.

Evaluating its nutritional content, it would be safe to say that Shakeology is generally better. It has quite a lot of protein, which is great. What makes a weight loss shake the best is if it can keep you full for longer periods of time, so the more calories and protein it has, the better.

3. Both Have Different Source Of Protein

Protein helps you build and repair muscles as well as minimize your hunger. Herbalife’s major source of protein is soy, while Shakeology gets it from brown rice protein, pea proteins, and whey protein.

Now, why is this considered to be a big deal? It’s because whey proteins are normally a much higher quality protein source and it has less adverse effects on the body.

4. Both Shakes Give You Different Energy Boost And Workout Recovery Period

Shakeology features a higher level of amino acids when compared to Herbalife. Take note that amino acids are very important for your body to be able to recover from any strenuous workout.

Hence if you are an active person, Shakeology can give you the best support.

5. What Do Customers’ Say?

Even though Herbalife’s affordable price, the supplement comes with a number of damaging and GMO ingredients (there are a lot of reasons to avoid GMO), that may cause unwanted side effects. Some customers have also complained about the shake being distasteful despite the high volume of sugar it comes.

It is really clear that Shakeology has more advantage than its competitor, the customers only complain about its price.

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Final Thought

So when it comes to Shakeology vs. Herbalife, which of the product is the best? Well, it’s hard to say! Both products come in completely different qualities.

Though Herbalife is basically just a meal replacement, which is great, Shakeology has higher quality ingredients and even has more nutrition than Herbalife. It contains various nutrients that the average person does not normally consume on a daily basis since it is equipped towards providing you a better functioning body. However, Shakeology is also way expensive when compared to the cheap-priced Herbalife.

I guess the best shake will really come down to how much you are willing to spend on these shakes. I will let you be the judge. Let me know which shake you’re choosing by leaving some comments below.

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